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Ghost Story Spread


This Story spread can really freak people out so, if you adopt it, do so at extreme peril!*

Now let’s do a Ghost Story Spread.

For what good is a sleep over without scream yourself sick ghost stories?

Draw cards at random to address the following questions.

  1. Who was your secret love who died of pining over you?
  2. What terrible thing did they find in the afterlife?
  3. Why do they want to haunt you now?
  4. What do they haunt you with?
  5. How will they hurt you with it?
  6. What secret are they going to tell everybody you-do-not-want-anybody-to-know?
  7. Are you doomed to become a ghost soon, too?
  8. Is there any hope?

Warning! Not a spread for the faint of heart or dark stormy nights!

Watch out! Them cards not just spooky but true too!

Note: This use of tarot for entertainment can easily backfire with people who are not familiar with the independence of the oracle.

Some otherwise quite sensible people not prone to supernatural ideation, can find the results of this story game very unnerving, as the cards address issues they would generally not wish to acknowledged at the center of their unnamed and un-admitted terror.

As such, be reassuring that it is only fiction and an entertainment. There is nothing being revealed that one needs to divulge.

Creating fear with tarot is ethically suspect and I will discuss the dos and don'ts of tarot warnings and a reader's responsibility in my ethics pages.